What we've build.

Blink is a social media platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide its users with a secure and decentralized way to share content, interact with other users, and make financial transactions. One of the unique features of Blink is its use of Blink coins, which can be used to tip other users, purchase content, or exchange for other cryptocurrencies. By using blockchain technology, Blink provides its users with increased security, privacy, and ownership of their content. The use of Blink coins also allows for a more seamless and efficient financial system within the platform. Overall, Blink's integration with blockchain technology and the use of Blink coins provides a compelling alternative to traditional social media platforms.

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3 Steps To Start


Install Blink App

Start by installing Blink App. The app is available in the App Store & Play Store


Buy Blink Coins

You can purchase Blink Coins through Blink App, by depositing funds.


Start using Blink Coins

Once you have Blink Coins , you can start using them for purchasing NFT's, tip other users, or hold onto them as an investment.

Expert Team

Meet Our Team

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Drin Perçuku Founder


Albijan Sadiku Developer


Altin Pllana Developer